Boarding School

The most experienced and authoritative counseling experts in the United States, many former admissions directors of well-known residential high schools in the United States provide consultation, assessment, SSAT test preparation planning, school selection and application strategies, face-to-face guidance for students and parents, and application materials application.


Help Chinese high school graduates and undergraduate students plan, apply or transfer to the top 75 universities in the United States. Including students whose English proficiency does not meet the standard test, directly officially register and enter the New York metropolitan area, formal private, large non-governmental Free high school English courses at for-profit universities, bilingual and part-time university basic course credits. There is no need to go to non-high school, non-university dual-enrollment, private for-profit language schools far away from the metropolitan areas of the United States. It is recommended to enter and transfer to the top 75 universities and top-ranked professional departments in the United States, and the relevant bilingual credits will be transferred together.

Graduate School

The most experienced and authoritative tutors, professors and doctors in the United States help with professional assessment and school selection, personal development planning, exam preparation, application materials submission, related interviews, and recommendations.

Provide the most authoritative help, counseling and recommendation:

Graduate school, MBA/Business School, Law School, Medical School,Exec. Education, MPA.

Institution Professional Training Service and TEST Preparing

Provide short-term visit training arranged by American universities and professional counterpart institutions, as well as various industry and professional certificate training.

Summer camp

Colorful, targeted selection of summer camp programs for students aged 10-18; The top private residential high school connecting class in the United States; prepare for the cultural courses and exams of high school with the best junior high school students in the United States.

Ivy League credit courses; with the best high school students in the world, take college credit courses in the Ivy League summer camp, and add English reading and writing courses.

Sports and ball games and English classes; well-known coaches in the United States will work with you to discover the potential of life. Study happily, expand your horizons, gain knowledge, make friends around the world, and discover your potential and talents​